The artist does not paint images as they are, but as what he feels an image conveys. ~ A.T. Archuleta

Secret Window located 47n Third Street in the heart of Monument, Colorado.

Secret Window Gallery showcases paintings and sculptures created by many artists including the artwork of A.T. Archuleta. The Secret Window Gallery is located in the heart of Monument Colorado Historic art district at 47 Third Street.

The artists works are presented at Secret Window Gallery whom excel in thier medium of choice and we showcase only the best of their works in our gallery. The variety of mediums include oil on canvas and panel,  mixed media paintings, sculpture, and buon fresco*. The gallery specializes in working with first-time art buyers as well as seasoned collectors interested in enhancing their art collection through acquisition of a market-proven artist.  

*Buon fresco (Italian for true fresco) is a fresco painting technique in which ground pigments in water are applied to plaster while it is still wet. Learn more about the the largest buon fresco rosary walk in the world which was painted by artist A.T. Archuleta you can visit