Utilizing several artistic mediums, four gallery rooms,  Secret Window Gallery artists lead the way in contemporary fine art.  You will be taken on a journey across the world and right back home as the gallery's art reminds the collector to enjoy every moment of life.  With each medium of our fine artists, the subjects cover a wide array of focus.  From the beautiful landscapes of Southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico and the surrounding mountains of the local Monument area, each artist successfully expresses the world as they see it.  Be transported to another world through oil paintings on canvas of the Native American journey, improvised through colorful brush strokes and expressive paint application, or through the unique sculptures that can be  found through out the gallery.

Featured Artists   (Click on Artist Name to view Art Work or Artist BIO to view biography)

A.T. Archuleta- Painter . . . . . Archuleta BIO Alan Haur Original Paintings Ezra Tucker- Painter . . . . . Tucker BIO Gilberto Romero- Sculpter . . . . . Romero BIO Ruth Burink- Sculpter . . . . . Burink BIO NanaKaa - Pottery Poteet Victory - Painter Earl Eder- Sculpter . . . . . Eder BIO Birger Sandzin - Block Print